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Vocabulary Tools for Speech Therapy

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Do you work with upper elementary, middle school, or high school students who need vocabulary support? Looking for something new and fresh to use in therapy? Try out one of the tools below!


Wonderopolis is a very cool website that answers a "Wonder of the Day" through a short non-fiction passage.

The passages include "wonder words" (aka vocabulary words) that are highlighted in yellow. You can hover over each highlighted word to see the definition. On the right side of the page, you will also see a box listing the wonder words and a button that says "Take the Wonder Word Challenge." Click that button to complete a short activity using the vocabulary words.

> Click here to read more about how I use Wonderopolis in speech therapy


ReadWorks is a great website where you can find fiction and non-fiction passages for your therapy sessions. Once you log in with your free educator account, you can search for articles to read.

You'll see key vocabulary terms highlighted in blue. You can click on them to see the part of speech and definition. You'll also see the vocabulary terms listed on the right side of the screen.


Copy any passage, go to, paste your passage into the box, and the website will automatically generate a list of key vocabulary words from the passage. You can then save the words as a list, and then click the green "learn these words" button.

You can snag age/grade appropriate passages from :


Copy any passage, go to, paste the passage or text into the text box, and click "rewording text." This will then reword the passage. All vocabulary words or phrases that were changed will be highlighted in yellow. You can click on each highlighted word or phrase to see the original text. This can be used to :

  • learn synonyms

  • discuss definitions

  • discuss context clues

  • formulate written or verbal sentences containing greater detail

> Click here to read more about how I use Rewordify in speech therapy

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