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Rewordify in Speech Therapy

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Do you work with upper elementary, middle school, or high school students who need comprehension and vocabulary support? Looking for something new and fresh to use in therapy? Check out Rewordify!

What is Rewordify?

> It's a website that simplifies passages

Is it free to use?

> Yes! Just hop over to the website, paste the text into the box, and click "rewordify text"

How can I use it in speech and language therapy sessions?

> Keep reading to see 3 ways I use it

Who is this tool ideal for?

> Upper elementary, middle school, and high school students

> English language learners with language disorders

IDEA # 1

  • Read your passage with your students as you typically would. Discuss the novel vocabulary words as you typically would

  • Make a list of the vocabulary words

  • Copy the passage and paste it in rewordify

  • Now read the passage again with the simpler text. When you read over a highlighted words, have the student match them to the vocabulary term it replaced

IDEA # 2

  • Copy and paste the passage in rewordify

  • Read the simpler version with your students

  • Discuss the passage as you typically would

  • Now scroll down and read the original version of the text. As you get to key vocabulary words, ask your students to define it or name a synonym. If they are unable to, you can show them the simplified version again to use as a reference.

IDEA # 3

  • Use this website as a tool for drawing inferences using context clues

  • Copy and paste the passage in rewordify

  • Read the simplified passage and treat the highlighted words as context clues

  • I like to copy the simplified passage from rewordify and paste it into a Google Doc/Word Doc so that I can have the students identify and highlight the context clues, and then use them to determine what they are referring to

I hope this post gave you some new ideas!

Sarah (:

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