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Parallel Stories

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

After the student has retold the story over the course of multiple sessions (during the focused skill activities phase of literacy-based therapy), and their retellings have become more complete, the SLP and student can work together to create a parallel story.

Parallel stories should include similar:

  • Plot elements

  • Sentence structures

  • Vocabulary

📖 Graphic organizers can be a helpful tool when creating parallel stories.

📖 The student is asked to think of a character that could be in a similar situation.

📖 From there, the SLP can write the original story down and work with the student to incorporate target vocabulary from the original story to the parallel story, add missing information, and add more detail to incomplete ideas.

Want to see an example of a parallel story? Check out this blog post!

Have a wonderful week!


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