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Focused Skill Activities: Narration

You can target a variety of narrative skills through literacy-based therapy!

Narrative activities are complex, so the focus should be on one aspect of narration at a time, such as:

  • Sequencing events

  • Explaining how a character solved a problem

  • Character motivations

  • Explaining what the story was about

  • Story Grammar

⭐️ Students can retell stories by drawing pictures with verbal descriptions of each part of the story, or through writing.

⭐️ The SLP can scaffold throughout this type of activity with prompts, cues, sentence starters, and leading questions (e.g. Who was the story about? What did they do first? What did they do second?).

⭐️ If drawing pictures, explain to the student that the pictures don’t need a lot of detail. They should be drawn quickly and are meant to help remember each part of the story (this helps with efficiency during your therapy sessions).

⭐️ Talk about each part of the story, and then retell the whole story.

⭐️ In the next session, you can cut out the pictures or written sentences and work on putting them in the correct order. Then retell the story again.


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