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Literacy-Based Therapy

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Literacy-based therapy, or literature-based intervention, involves utilizing books as the medium of your therapy.

As school-based SLP’s, our goal is to support our students within the classroom. What better way to do that than with books!

Literacy-based therapy involves:

  • Using books to facilitate therapy

  • Prestory knowledge activation

  • Shared reading

  • Post-story comprehension discussion

  • Focused skills activities

  • Using the book as a model for creating a parallel story


Using books is a fun and evidence-based way to:

  • Promote language development in children with language impairments

  • Target a variety of language skills, which is beneficial for group therapy

  • Align your therapy with common core standards

  • Make your therapy functional and relevant to the classroom

  • Save time with planning therapy

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Have a great week!

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