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Quick Tips for Choosing a Book in Speech Therapy

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

text reads book selection in speech therapy

Hi friend!

Wanting to get started with literacy-based therapy? Start by choosing a theme, and then select 2-3 books or stories that go along with your chosen theme! That’s it!

There are of course more considerations to make, but if you’re overwhelmed and looking for a way to start, just start with a good book!

If you’re ready for more, consider choosing a book or story with:

🌟 Meaningful theme (e.g. a season, relevant holiday, theme that is being used in the classroom, high interest or special interest of the student)

🌟 Rich vocabulary

🌟 Multiple examples/opportunities to model and work on the language skill you want to support (e.g. past tense verbs, rich vocabulary, sequence of events, etc.)

🌟 That you can read in 10 minutes or less

You can pair books with visuals to make shared storybook reading more engaging and interactive!

Bonus considerations

🌟 Choose a story that is at the student’s comprehension (not reading or independent reading) level, or on that can be modified to their comprehension level

🌟 If you’re wanting to integrate narrative language intervention and story grammar, choose a story that contains a complete episode at minimum - a story that has at least an initiating event, attempt, consequence

Book suggestions

Looking for book inspiration? Check out some of these resources:

Have a wonderful week! 💛

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