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Books to Target Conjunctions in Speech Language Therapy

Updated: Apr 9

conjunctions syntactic activity ideas

A conjunction is a word that connects parts of a sentence together.

There are several kinds of conjunctions:

  • Coordinating conjunctions

  • Subordinating conjunctions

  • Correlative conjunctions

  • Conjunctive adverbs

Conjunctions affect several different types of speech goals. Here are some examples:

🌟 Utterance expansion. Conjunctions make sentences longer and more complex, making them a key component of working on utterance expansion goals. 

🌟 Responding to wh- questions (e.g. Why did the house break? The house broke because....)

🌟 Formulating compound sentences

🌟 Formulating complex sentences

🌟 Retelling stories, narrative generation

🌟 Summarizing

Here are some of my favorite seasonally themed books to target the use of conjunctions for creating compound and complex sentences!




book covers with target conjunctions


You can read more about conjunctions in this blog post and check out nine fun ideas for working on creating compound/complex sentences using conjunctions in this blog post.

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Hope this has been helpful! 😊

about the author Sarah. Sarah is a pediatric SLP and the creator of Speechie Adventures.


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