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How to Earn TPT Credits

Hi friends!

Did you know you can earn credits on TPT that you can put towards your future purchases?! You can earn credits by leaving feedback on resources and activities that you've purchased, and it only takes a few minutes!

🌟 Step 1: Find Your Past Purchases

A screenshot of TPT's website showing how to navigate to your purchases. A yellow box highlights the profile picture in the top righthand corner. A second yellow box highlights a selection on the pop up menu that says "My Purchases."

Click on your profile picture in the top right corner. A menu should pop up and you'll want to find "My Purchases."

🌟 Step 2: Filter to Your Paid Purchases

A screenshot of TPT's website page called "My Purchases and Downloads." A yellow box highlights the filter tab and a yellow arrow points the the section called "paid purchases."

You can leave feedback for both free resources and ones that you've paid for. You will only earn credits for purchases that you've paid for. You can easily find your paid purchases by using the filter pictured above.

🌟 Step 3: Choose a Resource

A yellow box highlights a black button that says "Leave a Review."

Choose a resource that you'd like to leave a review for. Click on "Leave a Review."

🌟 Step 4: Leave Helpful Feedback

An image that shows the feedback form on TPT's website. It shows the title "Overall Experience" and the question "How satisfied are you with this resource?" Underneath the question are five stars. Underneath the stars is a section that states: "Write about your experience. Let other educators know how you used this resource, and what you or your students liked or disliked." Then there is a large white text box and a green button labeled "submit."

Sharing aspects of the resource that you loved is so helpful for TPT creators! If there are any aspects that you wish worked differently or that you wish were included, feel free to mention them or get in touch directly with the seller.

You can reach me any time via email at or feel free to send me a message on FB/IG 🙂

🌟 Step 5: Use Your Credits

A picture showing "My Cart". There is a yellow box highlighting the "Use Account Balance" box and a yellow arrow pointing towards the account balance.

The next time you go to check out, you will see the "Use Account Balance" box pictured above with the money you've earned by leaving feedback on paid purchases!

If you'd like more information, you can read about TPT credits on TPT's website HERE.

That's it! I hope this blog post has been helpful! Feel free to share this post with your friends and colleagues 😊

Enjoy the savings! 💛

Three grey mountains with some white snow on to. A small heart in a speech bubble. Four boot prints underneath the mountain. The name Sarah in pink, blue, peach, green, and purple colors.

*Disclaimer: TPT may make changes to this process over time, so the process may look a little different from the time this blog post was written (August 2023). I'll try to publish updates when I notice them so you always have the most up to date information 🙂

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