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Free Low Tech AAC Core Boards for Speech Therapy

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Hi friends!

Do you use manual/low tech AAC boards with your students or clients? Here are some of the ways I like to use them as an SLP!


1. Back Up

If you work with an AAC user who has a high-tech communication device, be sure they have a low-tech option available at home and school. This is great for others to model on, as well as for the AAC user to use when their high-tech device battery is dead or damaged. It can also be utilized in situations where you wouldn't want the high-tech device to be damaged, like at the beach or a swimming pool.

2. Assessments

Manual boards can be a great way to gather data and information on a complex communicators skills across a variety of different vocabulary types/sets.

3. Temporary

Manual boards are a great tool for SLP's and teachers to use while a complex communicator waits for their AAC assessment. It can also be used with children who are unintelligible or have Selective Mutism. And because it's free, it's an affordable option.

4. Visual Support

Do you work in preschool classrooms or early communicators? Manual boards are a great visual tool for speaking, early communicators who would benefit from visual support!

5. Language Rich Classrooms

Do you work in special education classrooms? Manual boards are a great visual tool to ensure students are immersed in a language rich environment with access to a variety of communication modalities

Here's where you can get low tech core boards for FREE ⬇️


You can snag a free sample of the one pictured above here and the full resource here!


> UNIDAD English & Spanish


Tobii Dynavox

Project Core

I hope that helps! Feel free to bookmark this page or share a link to this blog post with colleagues!

Have a wonderful week!

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