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5 Tips for Shared Reading With AAC Users

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Hi friends!

Here are 5 different ways you can support complex communicators or AAC users during shared reading tasks!

  1. Make comments about the story and pictures as you read. Model the core words used in your comments (e.g. Froggy LIKES hot chocolate. I LIKE hot chocolate too!).

  2. Ask open ended questions and then pause to give the student time to comprehend, think, and communicate.

  3. Model core words from the text. (e.g. Model the words “what, you, and/or see” when reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear).

  4. Choose books that have repetitive phrases or sentences.

  5. Choose books of high interest or about topics & themes that are being used in the classroom.

These strategies can be used by SLP's in speech and language therapy sessions, by teachers and aides in the general or special education classroom, and by loved ones at home!

Have a wonderful week!

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