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Federico and the Wolf + FREEBIE

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

This book is a re-imagination of the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood. Federico and the Wolf is about a latino boy who goes to the market to buy ingredients to make pico with his abuelo. But, Rico runs into a sneaky wolf along the way who tries to eat him!

This story is suited for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and lower elementary students. This book also features Spanish terminology throughout the story, which can help with listening or reading comprehension for primary Spanish speakers, make the book more relatable for Spanish speaking or latino children, and increase exposure to other languages and cultures for non-hispanic children.

I like to watch the read aloud of this story on YouTube :

You can compare and contrast this story with that of the traditional Little Red Riding Hood story, by discussing :

  • How are the main characters similar and different?

  • What were the settings? Describe how they were similar and different.

  • What were the character's intentions? What did they set out to do?

  • What words can you use to describe the wolf in each story?

  • How did each character escape from the wolf?

➡️ You can access this worksheet and a few others in this FREEBIE!

➡️ You can check out the full no print book companion here.

Happy reading!

Sarah (:

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