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Digital Books for Speech and Language Therapy

Updated: Aug 7

Hi friends!

Here are some awesome website that provide free children's ebooks, story read alouds, and news stories that you can use in speech and language therapy to target a variety of language goals::

  1. Storyline Online - This channel on YouTube has a large collection of videos with celebrities reading stories aloud.

  2. EdPuzzle - This resource is amazing for adding visuals and questions throughout the story! You can also assign stories for homework.

  3. Epic! - They offer free accounts for educators.

  4. ReadWorks - You can filter stories by grade, topic, and type of text. Each story even comes with comprehension questions and a vocabulary set with definitions!

  5. YouTube - You can search for the title of many of the common books that SLP's typically use in therapy, and find a read aloud of the story!

  6. Newsela - News articles tailored to children, which make great discussion topics for students working on social communication skills, carry-over of speech sounds, or practicing fluency strategies.

  7. Tarheel Reader - Great for students in special day classes, preschoolers, or students using AAC devices.

  8. Vooks - Animated story books! Free for teachers for one year.

  9. Your Local Library - Check out the ebooks at your local library!

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TIP: Create a folder in your bookmarks tab on your browser, and bookmark these websites so that you can pull them up quickly when you need them.

I hope this was helpful! (:

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