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3 Ideas for Story Generation in Speech Therapy

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Are you targeting story or narrative generation in your therapy sessions? Here are three fun ways you can target this skill!


Mini erasers are incredibly cute and awesome to use in sensory bins or during articulation therapy. Get the most out of those little cuties by using them for story generation!

> Want to snag the visual organizers pictured below? Click here to subscribe for access to my free resource library!

> If you are already a subscriber, click here to access the free resource library (you can find the password at the bottom of any Speechie Adventures email).


Story cubes are dice with images on the faces, which can be used for story generation. I picked up some camping themed ones in the target dollar spot a couple of summers ago!

> Go around in a circle, have each student choose a dice to roll, and have them add an element to the story

> Use one of the visual organizers above to help with organization

> Review the story afterwards using wh- questions and story elements (e.g. Who was the story about? What was the setting?)

Don't have any story cubes? Check out some below (contains Amazon affiliate links):

*Another idea : Pick up one of the dry erase blocks from Dollar Tree. Then draw your own pictures on the faces.


Wheel of Names is an awesome website where you can develop wheels that spin by inserting your own text, images, and colors. You can utilize it to target a variety of skills, including story generation.

> Create your own wheel

> Or use this one that I've created

> Spin the wheel and write down, type, or draw out the student's response

> Once you have all elements, put them together to form a story

I hope this gave you some fresh ideas for targeting story generation in speech therapy sessions!

Sarah (:

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