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Using HedBanz in Speech Therapy

Updated: May 17, 2021

Playing HedBanz or any similar guess what's on my card game is a fun, motivational way to target language skills in speech and language therapy sessions. It's also a task that is easily adaptable for both in-person and virtual therapy.

Here are three ways that I like to use it :


One way I like to play this game is to have one student draw a card, give three clues, and let the rest of the students in the group each take a guess as to what they think is on the card. The first clue that each student must give, is the category or group that the object on the card belongs to. I pair this game with category cards, like the ones pictured below.


When targeting describing, each of the three clues that a student gives must be one of the descriptors below :

  • the category or group they belong to

  • what it looks like (e.g. size, color, shape)

  • the action that it does or the function

  • where you can find it or where you would use it

  • its parts

  • and any other relevant information (e.g. if it is a food, you can describe how it smells or tastes)

In order to determine which descriptor each student will use, I use Wheel of Names! Wheel of Names is an awesome website that allows you to make custom wheels. Click here to save and use the one I created below!


Similar to the way that I use this game to target describing, I will also use it to target using adjectives! Click here to save and use the adjective wheel pictured below!


If you are playing the games more closely to how it was meant to be played (aka students ask questions to determine what is one the card) - the wheels mentioned above can be used as a visual to help students determine what type of questions they could ask.

I hope you enjoy the wheels!

Sarah (:

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