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Free Tool for Evaluating Intelligibility in Speech Therapy

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Picture of the English and Spanish versions of the Intelligibility in Context Scale. Three pictures of an informal articulation screening tool.

Hi friend!

Have you heard of the Intelligibility in Context Scale (ICS)? It a free, easy to use tool that can be used to determine intelligibility across listeners in a variety of contexts.

Quick Facts:

  • it's a 7-item rating scale that you can give to families/caregivers of preschool and school-aged children

  • has been translated into a number of languages

  • available in two formats: monolingual or bilingual (language + English)

  • free and downloadable here

If you're an ASHA member, you can read this study and this study that shows it's a valid and reliable measure!

Ideas for use:

  • Screening for educational impact

  • An informal tool when conducting articulation assessments

  • Progress monitoring throughout the year

  • Gathering information for updating annual IEP's

If you're looking for a screening or informal tool to probe speech sounds (as well as a variety of language skills), take a look at this printable and digital (Google Forms) tool!

Pictures of sample worksheets from a kindergarten screening tool for language and speech sounds.

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