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10 Prompts for Discussing the Main Character in Speech Therapy

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Are you working on story grammar elements in your speech and language therapy sessions? If your student has learned to identify the main character, these types of prompts can help students develop a deeper understanding of the main character, make connections between the main character and other story elements, increase story comprehension, and aid in laying a foundation for story retell and written expression tasks.

Here are 10 prompts for discussing the main character in your literacy based therapy sessions!

💭 Tell me about the main character.

💭 Where will the main character go?

💭 What will the main character will do next?

💭 What could the main character do/say instead?

💭 How will the main character solve the problem?

💭 How does the main character feel?

💭 Who is helping the main character?

💭 What is important to the main character?

💭 What did the main character do at the end?

💭 How are you and the main character similar/different?

Do you have students who are not quite ready for these types of questions? That's okay! You can still ask these questions and model responses if they're in the students' ZPD (zone of proximal development). You can also scaffold these types of questions by offering sentence starters! For example,

SLP: Where will the main character go? They might go...

These strategies can also be used by SLP's in speech and language therapy sessions, by teachers and aides in the general or special education classroom, and by loved ones at home!

Have a wonderful week!

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