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Freebie Friday : Staying Calm

Updated: May 17, 2021

Hi everyone

This week we are talking about staying calm (i.e. self-regulation).

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I have been in several IEP meetings where parents say something along the lines of, "They can't express themselves when they're angry because of their speech issues." While it's true expressive language impairments impact a child's ability to express their needs and wants, we also need to examine the child's ability to self-regulate in emotionally charged situations. If a child is having difficulty regulating their emotions, it can be very difficult for them (and even adults if we're being honest!) to express themselves in a safe manner when they are angry/frustrated/sad.

As a speech-language pathologist (SLP), you can weave self-regulation activities into your everyday therapy, as well as share valuable resources with parents/teachers. Check out some of the free resources below all about staying calm!




Need some ideas for using these resources?

  • Read some of the books mentioned below as a part of your literacy based thearpy

  • Use the videos as conversation starters for your lunch bunches

  • Share some of the videos/resources with the families you work with

  • Create a calm down space in your therapy room

  • Help a parent create a calm down space in their home

  • Share some of the videos/books/resources with your general education teachers who are looking for ideas for their social-emotional learning curriculum

I hope you find some of these resources helpful! Stay safe and healthy!

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