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polar bear island


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“Welcome to Polar Bear Island. NO OTHERS ALLOWED!” Parker, the mayor, is eager to keep the island just the way it is. But Kirby, a newly arrived penguin, is shaking things up. The other polar bears love Kirby and beg Parker to let Kirby (and her family) move in. Will Parker agree . . . and make the island fun for EVERYONE? This book send a wonderful message about inclusivity and diversity.

story grammar

Main Character: Parker the polar bear and mayor

Setting: on snowy Polar Bear Island

Initiating Event/Problem: other animals weren’t allowed on the island but a penguin showed up

Feelings: annoyed, frustrated

Plan: Parker decided to let the penguins stay temporarily

Action: the penguins shared their inventions with the polar bears and they shared them with Parker when he hurt himself

Consequence: Parker realized the penguins helped to make the island a better place and let them stay

Ending: Polar Bear island became a wonderful place for everyone to live

summary (SWBST)

Somebody: Parker the mayor

Wanted: to keep other animals off of Polar Bear Island

But: Kirby the penguin arrived with her inventions

So: Parker let her stay temporarily

Then: Parker and the other polar bears learned to love and accept others

past tense verbs

planned, waddled, stomped, opened, peeked, loved, growled, protested, begged, flapped, asked, shouted, slipped, crashed, raised, leaped, rolled, shoveled, pushed, stuffed, started, nodded, pointed, woke, blew, shook, cried, thought

plural nouns

dens, slippers, paws, bears, friends, flippers, adventures, beds, chutes, snow cones, paths, bags, heads, penguins

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polar bear, penguin, snow cone, sailboat


peaceful, predictable, journey, curious, invention, protest, scrumptious 


peaceful/chaotic, toward/away, night/day, open/close, warm/cold, on/off, new/old, yes/no, happy/sad, long/short, in/out


Toasty - warm, hot, snug, cosy

Wonderful - awesome, magnificent, superb, glorious, lovely, delightful, marvelous, great, amazing, fantastic, super

Scrumptious - delicious, tasty, yummy, delectable

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