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little taco truck


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Little Taco Truck serves up tasty tacos to the hungry workers on Union Street. One day, Miss Falafel shows up with her baked pita bread and crunchy chickpea fritters, and parks in his space! The next day, Miss Falafel is there again, and this time she's brought her friends. Little Taco Truck is worried people like their food more than his tacos. More trucks arrive the following day and there's no space left for Little Taco Truck. The next day he uses his voice to advocate for himself and discovers there is enough room for everyone!

story grammar

Main Character: Little Taco Truck

Setting: the big city on Union Street

Initiating Event/Problem: other food trucks park on Little Taco Truck's street and there was no room for him to park

Feelings: surprised, worried, sad

Plan: Little Taco Truck planned to be the first one in the city so he could get to his spot first

Action: Little Taco Truck parked in his spot that night and fell asleep

Consequence/Solution: when the other trucks arrived the next morning, Little Taco Truck spoke to the other food trucks about parking in his spot

Ending: the other trucks apologized for not making room for him and made sure to make room for him and all new trucks from that day on

summary (SWBST)

Somebody: Little Taco Truck

Wanted: to sell tasty tacos to the workers on Union Street

But: other food trucks took his parking spot

So: he spoke to them about his parking spot

Then: the other trucks made room for Little Taco Truck to park everyday 

past tense verbs

loved, arrived, surprised, tried, floated, rumbled, hoped, worried, returned, startled, blinked, puffed, cried, swished, hatched, parked, shouted, inched, crowded, asked, cheered, tooted, sighed, lined, said, brought, crept, drove, thought, fell, read, knew, made

plural nouns

tacos, workers, fritters, sandwiches, friends, tires, trucks, wipers, lights, tables, signs

Activities you'll love!

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taco, giraffe, lion, alligator, truck/car, lobster, gelato


busy corner, big city, tasty tacos, hungry workers, little truck, delicious falafel sandwiches, crunchy chickpea fritters, big truck, bright yellow truck, warm cornbread sandwiches, shiny new truck, tiny space, pink truck, quiet city

compare & contrast

taco & sandwich, lion & cat, lobster & crab, truck & train, gelato & popsicle


big/small, tasty/yucky, hungry/full, little/large, delicious/gross, crunchy/soft, warm/cold, shiny/dull, new/old, tiny/huge, bright/dark, quiet/loud, love/hate, shout/whisper, crowded/empty

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