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jellybeans for giants


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When George plants a jellybean in his garden, a giant beanstalk grows! He thinks there will be a giant at the top and sets off on an adventure to delivery jellybeans to the giant. Along the way he meets a friendly pixie, smelly troll, and sticky spider. When he finally meets the giant, he discovers that he has lost all of his jellybeans! How will George keep the giant from eating him?

story grammar

Main Character: the boy, George

Setting: outside on the beanstalk

Initiating Event: the boy planted a jellybean and grew a giant beanstalk

Feelings: excited

Plan: the boy wanted to find a giant and share his jellybeans with it

Action: the boy climbed the beanstalk where he met a friendly pixie, troll, and spider

Consequence: The boy found the giant but had lost all of his jellybeans. He found some that grew in pods on the beanstalk.

Ending: the boy and all of the magical creatures ate jellybeans together

summary (SWBST)

Somebody: George

Wanted: to share his jellybeans with a giant

But: he lost all of his jellybeans

So: he asked the giant to look into the green pods to see if there was something tasty inside

Then: the giant, George, and the other magical creatures enjoyed jellybean together

past tense verbs

thought, said, kept, heard, told, rose, ran, fell, held, made, put, shot, spun, saw, gave, found, brought, shook, came, called, poured, watered, cheered, heaved, filled, clambered, plucked, grinned, floated, whooped, complained, peered, approached, exclaimed, spotted, raised, stammered, boomed, sniffed, pulled, propelled, covered, seemed, looked, tiptoed, laughed, started, lifted, gaped, twinkled, shouted, cried, reached, gobbled, picked, gasped, tumbled, roared, opened, popped, climbed, feasted

plural nouns

jellybeans, treats, sweets, giants, footsteps, grumpkins, legs, eyes, pods, feet

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jellybeans, pixie, troll, giant, dog, spider, caterpillar, pumpkin, 


breathtaking thought, ginormous, big people, loud, strong, fluffy, pink, small bite, purple fruit, horrible smell, large spoon, huge pot, fine grumpkin stew, hot gunk, thick, green, gangly legs, massive web, bright eyes, colorful sweets


big, huge, giant, massive, large, ginormous, colossal, gargantuan, great, immense

hot, warm, blistering, blazing, boiling, roasting, scorching, flaming

small, tiny, little, mini, miniature, minute

bright, dazzling, shining, brilliant, vivid, beaming, sparkling, glittering, gleaming, glowing


big/small, huge/tiny, hot/cold, thick/thin, massive/little, bright/dull, horrible/awesome, strong/weak, high/low, loud/quiet, quick/slow, in/out

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