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How to catch a yeti


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In this fun story, the children set out on a snowy mountain to prove the legendary yeti exists! Follow the children through the yeti's lair to see if they can catch the yeti in one of their STEAM inspired traps! Do you think the children will catch the yeti?

story grammar

Main Character: the children

Setting: on a snowy mountain

Initiating Event/Problem: the children wanted to prove that yeti’s exist

Feelings: excited, determined

Plan: the children planned to catch the yeti so they could prove it exists

Action: the children followed footprints to a yeti’s lair and then set many traps to try to catch it

Consequence: the children didn’t catch the yeti

Ending: the yeti sent the children a message saying they had so much fun and invited them to play with them again

summary (SWBST)

Somebody: the children

Wanted: to catch the yeti

But: it was too fast

So: they gave up at the end of the day

Then: the yeti messaged them to say it had so much fun and invited them to play with them again

past tense verbs

saw, said, went, thought, forgot, caught, colored, escaped, worked, missed

plural nouns

feet, friends, snowflakes, marbles, sleds, charts, lights, bubbles, stalactites, guys, kids, traps

Activities you'll love!

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dog, jacket, yeti, ram, robot


fuzzy, lair, legend, slick, stalactite, beast


fast/slow, huge/tiny, giant/small, day/night, hungry/full, out/in, bright/dark, win/lose, quick/slow, fun/boring


Fast - quick, speedy, swift, rapid, turbo

Huge - giant, enormous, colossal, massive, gargantuan, gigantic, great, immense

Bright - shining, brilliant, beaming, sparkling, glittering, gleaming, glowing

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