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How to catch a dragon


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It's Lunar New Year! Follow the how to catch children on their adventure as they try to catch the clever dragon during the Spring Festival in China! Will they catch the dragon with their traps made of noodles, rice, red envelopes, and red lanterns?

story grammar

Main Character: the boy and his friends

Setting: in China on Lunar New Year

Initiating Event/Problem: the boy’s mother wanted a dragon to bring good health and fortune for the new year 

Feelings: determined

Plan: the boy and his friends planned to catch the dragon in one of their traps

Action: the children made a variety of traps but the dragon was too fast and clever

Consequence: the boy did not catch the dragon but it did not matter

Ending: the boy was thankful to be with his family

summary (SWBST)

Somebody: the boy and his friends

Wanted: to catch the dragon

But: the dragon was too fast and clever

So: the children went home empty handed 

Then: the boy enjoyed the fireworks with his family

past tense verbs

saw, thought, caught, came, ate, fell, loved, hoped, tried

plural nouns

friends, lanterns, tacos, noodles, dragons, fireworks

Activities you'll love!



dragon, mushrooms, rice, money, drum

compare & contrast

dragon in Asian folklore vs European folklore (check out this Wonderopolis article), January 1st New Year celebrations vs Lunar New Year celebrations

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