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Turkey's Sandtastic Beach Day


Turkey and his barnyard friends are visiting the ocean! But when they arrives, they have to stay in Farmer Jake’s petting zoo on the boardwalk. With the help of his friends, Turkey dresses himself in different disguises in hopes of having the perfect day on the beach! Will Turkey trick Farmer Jake and the lifeguard?

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story grammar

Main Character: the turkey
Setting: at the Children’s Summer Festival on the boardwalk and on the beach by the ocean
Initiating Event: the turkey wanted to spend the day on the beach
Feelings: determined, sad
Plan: the turkey’s friends planned to help disguise the turkey so he could spend the day on the beach
Action: the turkey tried wearing different disguises but he kept getting caught
Solution: when Farmer Jake fell asleep, the turkey and his friends entered the sandcastle building contest and they won the grand prize
Ending: the turkey and his friends got a free stay at house on their own private beach

summary (SWBST)

Somebody: the turkey
Wanted: to spend the day on the beach
But: he kept getting caught by the lifeguard and Farmer Jake
So: he and his barnyard friends waited until Farmer Jake fell asleep to enter the sand sculpture contest
Then: they won the contest and a free day at a private beach

past tense verbs

loved, looked, moaned, laughed, slipped, helped, hollered, yowled, stomped, whispered, invited, waited, shoved, declared, cheered, bolted, trudged, shouted, floated, swished, said, shook, went, swam

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turkey, horse, cow, sheep, rooster, pig, sea shell, umbrella

compare & contrast

cow & horse, sand & dirt, turkey & peacock, surfing & snowboarding


Plural Nouns

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