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Michael Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug


Litterbug Doug is wasteful and messy. But worst of all, he hates recycling! Everyday Litterbug Doug’s garbage mountain grow bigger and stinkier. The clean and green town where he lives is in danger from his pollution. It's up to Michael Recycle, planet Earth's green-caped crusader, to show dastardly Doug the error of his ways...before it's too late!

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story grammar

Main Character: Litterbug Doug
Setting: on Earth near a clean town
Initiating Event: Litterbug Doug’s garbage pile was polluting the Earth
Feelings: unconcerned
Plan: Michael Recycle planned to talk to Litterbug Doug about his garbage pile  
Action: Litterbug Doug talked to Michael Recycle and decided he wanted to be friends with the townspeople 
Consequence: the townspeople helped Litterbug Doug clean up his litter pile
Ending: Litterbug Doug became the Litter Police

summary (SWBST)

Somebody: Litterbug Doug
Wanted: to litter and pollute the Earth
But: he talked to Michael Recycle and decided he also wanted human friends
So: he worked with the townspeople to clean up his garbage pile
Then: he became the Litter Police  

past tense verbs

stood, threw, grew, smashed, chewed, hurled, swooped, retorted, formed, smelled

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compare & contrast

rat & hamster, banana & apple, recycling bin & compost bin


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