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mr. goat's valentine


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After reading in the newspaper that it's Valentine's Day, Mr. Goat sets out to get very special gifts for his first love. Follow Mr. Goat as he chooses interesting presents for his first love - they may even make you giggle and the ending may not be what you expect!

story grammar

Main Character: Mr. Goat

Setting: Valentine's Day

Initiating Event: Mr. Goat read in the newspaper that it was Valentine’s Day

Feelings: excited

Plan: Mr. Goat planned to get presents for his first love to show her how much he cares about her

Action: Mr. Goat purchased a bouquet and rotten eggs. He also wrote a song.

Ending: Mr. Goat gave his mother the presents and wished her a happy Valentine’s Day

summary (SWBST)

Somebody: Mr. Goat

Wanted: to show his first love how much he cares about her

But: he needed to get some presents

So: he bought presents on his way to his first love's house

Then: he gave his mother the presents and wished her a happy Valentine’s Day

past tense verbs

read, got, put, told, came, wound, sat, thought, burst, fell, jumped, dropped, yawned, passed, nodded, mixed, smelled, opened, drooled, watched, arranged, tied, walked, sniffed, asked, smiled, cocked, sprayed, straightened, hurried, climbed, loved

plural nouns

pigweeds, cans, steps, eggs, shells, presents 

Activities you'll love!

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goat, eggs/rotten eggs, cat, flowers, skunk, tree


nice, rusty can, delightful smell, cans are tasty, little goat, delicious rotten eggs, black, foul, disgusting, red box, pretty red ribbon, you'll smell nice

compare & contrast

egg & rotten egg, goat & sheep, flower & weeds, can & vase, cat & dog, skunk & squirrel


big/little, tasty/yucky, delicious/gross, delightful/awful, disgusting/wonderful, open/close, smile/frown, pretty/ugly, front/back, cool/warm, shady/sunny, straight/crooked, high/low, love/hate

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